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The Special Request Horns have their own studio available (The Plant) for recording their signature horn-parts. This can range from small section work to full big-band charts. This offers a high quality but affordable alternative for recording in a commercial studio situation.

Most of the time we write our own horn-arrangements to maintain our brass-section’s distinctive sound, obviously in close cooperation with the artist/producer we’re recording for. (We like to collaborate with the artist on this and are always very interested in the artist’s original idea’s…)

We have arranged horn-parts for artists like:
Caro Emerald, Paul Weller, Trio Valore, Candy Dulfer, Sheila E, Sam Gray, The Daughters of Soul, Leon Ware, Lisa Lois, BEEF!, Marco Borsato, Leona, Shirma Rouse, Seven Eleven, The Ladies of Soul, The New Shining, Jah6, and many others…

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    • Vintage Future 'Alright'

      Vintage Future & Mell

      'Alright' is Vintage Future's latest single, featuring the lovely Mell and the Special Request Horns. It's a laid-back groovy soul-track,… Read more

    • Marco Borsato 'Thuis'

      Marco Borsato

      Marco Borsato latest studio-album is called 'Thuis'. We are very honored to be a part of this album, arranging and… Read more

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